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Welcome to Swahili Village Restaurant and Bar, where we offer you an authentic Kenyan experience.  The smell of chapati and nyama choma will greet you at the door, introducing you to a little of what Kenya is all about.  Order your mango lassi, or indulge in a Tusker, one of Kenya's favorite beers, as you decide what to order from the menu.   This might even be an opportunity for you to learn a little Swahili as  you try to pronounce the words on the menu.  Don't worry, we are more than willing to help you learn how to say it right.

You are sure to meet several Kenyans who have come to stave their overwhelming feeling of nostalgia with a meal that reminds them of home.  Listen to the stories told in traditional languages, English and Swahili, and you will be experiencing a taste of life in Kenya.  Swahili Village Restaurant and Bar is their home away from home.  We hope you will make it yours.


Swahili Village Restaurant and Bar offers authentic Kenyan meals with Kenyan flair. ​We serve nyama choma, tilapia, samosas, imported beer, and beverages.

​Our customers provide the Kenyan-style ambiance that is so much a part of the day and evening scene in Kenya. Venture in and be transported to a city in Kenya. Karibuni–there is plenty of indoor and outdoor seating.

We have lunch time specials and happy hour specials, so do swing by and get a taste of Kenya.